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WHEN: Aug 13-14, 2022
WHERE: Miamitown, OH
FEES: REC:Swarmers $125 U08-Passers: $125, U10-Wings: $150, U12-Strikers: $160, U14-Kickers: $175
COMPETITIVE: U8-10 (7V7) $300, U11-12 (9V9) $325.00, U13-15 (11V11) $375
Application deadline was: Monday, Aug 8, 2022
PAY TO: TCYO; PO Box 7, Miamitown, OH 45041
Credit Cards Accepted for Application Fees

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Tournament News

August 09, 2022

Taylor Creek Youth Organization

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Tournament News
August 09, 2022

I wanted to personally take a moment and thank you all for your interest in the Hotfire Memorial Tournament. Wanted to apologize that the schedules and emails have been a little late as we had some real life events hit our committee in the last few days. Tragically one of our tourney staff had a child that passed away in a car accident on Friday Morning. We had to make some adjustments and was able to get everything back on track but we are a little later than we would have liked. Please review the schedule and email us if there are any discrepancies that we may have missed.

On a side note:
The tournament staff is very close and we will not have a tourney table with someone at it from 9:30 until 11:30 on Saturday so that any tourney staff members can go and pay their respects to our friends and family at this most difficult time. Wanted to thank everyone in advance for their kindness and understanding during this difficult time and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Wanted to wish everyone the best of luck in the tournament and on your upcoming seasons!!

Thanks again for your understanding,

TCYO Hotfire Memorial Tourney Staff

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