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Welcome to the 2024 TCYO Hotfire Memorial

Rules for the 2024 TCYO Hotfire Memorial

TCYO Hotfire Memorial Tournament Rules

ELIGIBILITY: Only this season’s legally rostered recreational/SAY teams. (NO select teams & NO guest players in the recreational divisions).

You must use the approved/signed roster from the current season. Any player who is not on your approved roster may NOT play with your team during our tournament. All rosters MUST be turned in prior to your team's first game.

ACCEPTANCE: Teams will be accepted based on the needs of each division in the tournament.

SCHEDULES: Will be completed by the Tuesday/Wednesday prior to the tournament. Schedules will be posted to the website & you will receive an email to advise that the schedules are completed. Please note that once the schedules are completed, I will not be able to revise them. Make sure you have all of your requests in prior to the Sunday before the tournament (that is when the scheduling process begins.)

CHECK-IN: Is one hour prior to your FIRST GAME of the tournament; please stop by the tournament committee table to check-in and also to provide a COPY (for us to keep) of your official SAY roster (must be signed by your organization's SAY coordinator) as well as your team's tournament fee, if you haven't previously sent those in via email or mail. If your organization is paying your fee all on one check, please let us know.

PRE-GAME WARM UP: You are expected to be at your field at least 30 minutes prior to each game time; have your team warmed up and ready to start at game time. The referees will check your team in immediately upon the previous game's end. At any point, a field coordinator/referee may do a roster check.

U07-Swarmers - (7v7) – 8-minute quarters
U08-Passers - (7v7) – 8-minute quarters
U10-Wings – (7v7) - 10-minute quarters
U12-Strikers – (9v9) - 12-minute quarters
U14-Kickers – (11v11) - 12-minute quarters

No guest players in the Say Soccer Divisions.
To play in the Say Recreational Divisions you will need to have a vaild Say Soccer Roster.

U8-U10 (7V7) - 25 minute halves
U11-U12 (9v9): 30 minute halves
U13-U15 (11V11) 35 minute halves

Competetive divisions can add up to 3 guest players.

Quarter Break – 1 minute
Half Time – 3 minutes

POST-GAME: After your game & before you leave the field, check the score card; make sure the score is right and sign the card. The winning team is responsible for delivering the signed game card to to the Head Quarters table located in the concession area.

SCORES: Scores will be posted on the website as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies to the tournament committee prior to their next game.

*Any team that forfeits their last game will not be eligible for the semi-final or final.
*Any division with fewer than 7 teams entered will have only a final game to determine the division winner.
*Any division without enough teams to complete a bracket (4), will not have a semi-final or final game, but the division winners will be determined by points. (see below for tie-breaker).
*If the Best 2nd comes from the B division, then it becomes A1st vs B1st & C1st vs Best 2nd.

Group winners are based on point totals after the first 3 days:
WIN = 3 points
TIE = 1 point
LOSS = 0 points

If teams in contention for the final day elimination and/or the championship game have the same amount of points;
The standings will be determined by:
1. Head-to-Head: what the outcome of the match was between the 2 teams (if they played each other)
2. Best goal differential (maximum 5 per game)
3. Least goals allowed
4. Most goals scored
5. Coin toss

*Semi-Final & Final games only: If a tie results after regular play, then the tie-breaking rules are used. Please see the “Game Tie-Breaking Procedures” (semi-finals & finals only) section below.
*A win by forfeit results in a 5-0 score.
*Any team using illegal player(s) will be disqualified from the game the illegal player(s) participated in, which will result in a forfeit (5-0 loss)

TROPHIES: 1st & 2nd place teams will receive team and individual trophies.

RED CARDS: Any red carded individual (player, coach or spectator), will not be allowed to play/coach/spectate the rest of that current game, as well as not be able to play/coach/spectate in the following game.

PROTESTS: No protests allowed.

SEVERE WEATHER PROCEDURES: If lightning is seen or if thunder is heard, the referees will be instructed to stop the games. Everyone will need to clear the fields immediately - go to your cars or make your way to the shelter/concession stand pavilion. We will wait until we have 30 minutes of NO lightning/thunder. Every time there is lightning/thunder, the 30-minute clock is reset. Once we are all clear, the tournament committee will advise everyone, and you may then return to the fields and the referees will re-start the game. Game restart instructions: If you are in the first half (1st or 2nd quarter) of your game and it is stopped due to lightning/thunder, once we are all clear, your game will restart at the beginning of the 2nd half/3rd quarter. If you are in the second half (halftime, 3rd or 4th quarter) of your game and it is stopped due to lightning/thunder, your game will be concluded. The score at the time of the lightning/thunder will be the final score of your game (does not include semi or final games; restart instructions for semi-final & final games will be determined by the tournament director at that time.)

1. Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by a sock.
2. Shirts/jerseys will be always tucked into the player’s shorts.
3. In the event of a color conflict, the home team (first team listed on schedule) will change color.

*Except for the above-mentioned variations, ALL games are to be played in accordance with the standard SAY Playing Rules or OSA Playing Rules.

GAME TIE-BREAKING PROCEDURES (semi-final & final games only):
A. If tied at the end of regulation time; Sudden Death Overtime
1. Two 5-minute periods
2. NO goalkeepers (except for penalty kicks)
3. Number of players on the field: 11v11; 11 players, 9v9; 9 players, 7v7; 7 players

B. If still tied after both 5-minute overtimes; Shoot-Out
1. Each team picks 5 shooters and a goalkeeper (the goalie may be one of the shooters) from the players on the roster.
2. Shooters will alternate taking turns (home team goes first) until all ten have had a turn. The team with the most goals wins!
3. At the start: (referees will choose the goal), *passers & wings- shooters will start at the top of the penalty box and the goalkeeper shall be on the goal line. *strikers & kickers- shooters will start at the bottom of the kick-off circle and the goalkeeper shall be on the goal line.
4. Each player will be allowed 10 seconds to score. A player may play the ball as many times as he/she wants, but once the goal-keeper gains possession, or the ball goes out of bounds, the play is dead.
5. The goalkeeper & the shooter may both move once the whistle is blown to start the 10 seconds.
6. If the goalkeeper commits a foul and no goal is scored, a penalty kick is awarded to the shooter, to be taken by the same shooter/goalkeeper. If the penalty kick is scored, the goal counts.
7. If the shooter commits a foul and a goal is scored, the goal will not count, and the shooter's turn is over.

C. If still tied after first shoot-out; Sudden Death Shoot-Out
1. Each team picks 5 new shooters
2. Once every player on the roster has had a turn, (players injured before the end of the overtime do not count), players may begin to shoot for a second time.
3. Each team will take turns shooting until one team scores and the other doesn't.
4. (Same rules apply from part B excluding number 2)

NO food, drinks or pets are to be brought into the park! (water & sports drinks for players excluded). Please utilize the restrooms & concession stand & grill.

Thank you for participating in our tournament...
REMEMBER, good sportsmanship starts with you!


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